Why I started this Website

I started this site to help other consumers understand sporting products that are available online, without having to weed through multiple sites and without needing to spend countless hours performing searches. Professionally, I spend over 30 years as a CPA and Controller for corporations in various industries. But personally, I have been a sports fanatic for my entire life. I grew up playing soccer, football and baseball.

Now, in my retirement, I spend more time playing golf and tennis. Not to mention, trying to keep up with my grand children's sporting activities. This was my primary motivation for creating this website. I found myself researching product after product. However, I was doing this with a budget in mind. As you know, that can be a time consuming effort. I decided to share my experiences with all of you in the form of providing information and buying guides. As an avid sports fan and cost conscious consumer, I hope that this website helps you find what you are looking for.

When I started to look for information on setting up a website, I came across Solo Build It (SBI). SBI was founded by Ken Evoy, a medical doctor. The company is now one of the top 500 companies on the Internet.

SBI is an all in one website building, hosting and marketing system. With this system it is easy to build a website. The system includes all the tools to prepare and execute the process to succeed. You do not need any programming or web design experience.

Total cost for one year is $299, which includes domain registration and all the tools you need. You can try SBI free for 90 days. You get your money back if you decide you can't do it.

Review the SBI Action Guide to see how the system works. SBI Action Guide

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