Improve your Game
with Baseball Training Aids

Baseball training aids help maintain or improve your skill. There are many training aids available for every skill level. They can help in general strength training or improve skills like batting, pitching and fielding.

Instructional Videos are prepared by professional players and coaches who have many years of experience. You can choose a video for conditioning or for special skill development that can include hitting, fielding and base running. Price for a video is about $20-40 plus about $6 for shipping.

A hitting video usually will cover the fundamentals of the swing, including bat selection, proper stance, the correct use of hands and arms. The video will also show how to hit the ball to the opposite field or how to pull the ball. It will show drills to increase hand strength. Price is about $40.

Pitching instruction will include drills to improve throwing mechanics. Drills are explained in detail and are properly illustrated. Price is about $35-45.

Conditioning and strength training videos usually show how to use various exercise products like fitness balls, balance boards and free weights. These instructions are excellent for improving base running, hitting and pitching strength. Price is $40.

Coaching youth baseball covers teaching for fielding ground balls, how to play catch and improve arm strength. Price is about $45.

Baseball Camps are available in many states. Instruction is taught mostly by high school and college coaches. Training is provided for various age groups and skill levels. Cost for a 5-6 day instruction is about $300-1200.

Private and group lessons are given for batting, pitching, fielding, base running and strategy. Cost is about $95 for a private lesson.

Most training equipment is made to improve hitting and pitching skills. Average cost is about $100-250.

Pitching machines are used by youth, high school, college and professional players to improve not only hitting, but also fielding skills. For more information check the links below.

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