Baseball Accessories make
Playing more comfortable

Some baseball accessories can help improve your game, others can make playing more comfortable. A baseball equipment bag is very convenient to hold your bats, helmet and other accessories. Price range is $20-65.

The Louisville Slugger Deluxe Bag features a bat compartment, inside storage for a helmet and other equipment. It has a side pocket for additional storage. Material is sturdy nylon and the shoulder straps are padded. Price is about $65.

The Easton Game Bag has a duffel bag design. The side compartment holds two bats. It has two end pockets for storage. Material is polyester and the shoulder straps can be adjusted or detached. Price is about $35.

Batting Gloves cost about $18-40 for a pair. They are lightweight and have a pre-curved finger design. Material is thin, soft leather or synthetic material.

A hitters elbow guard protects your elbow from wild pitches. Foam covered material fits around your elbow and can be adjusted for a good fit. Price is about $30.

A batter's shin protector costs about $30. It is designed to fit comfortably and securely. Foam ankle cups add to protection. It also has a toe cap that can be removed.

A slider knee pad protects the front, side and lower knee from slide abrasion and bruises. It is available in several colors. Price is about $10.

A quality batter's leg guard costs about $40-60. It protects your shin, ankle and foot from foul balls.

A foot and ankle heat & ice wrap costs about $40. The support wrap includes two reusable heat and ice packs.

An 1 1/2 inch elastic uniform belt costs about $4-6. It is fully adjustable and usually machine washable. You can select from several colors.

A 2 inch wrist band costs about $3-5. It is great for use in hot days to wipe off sweat from your face.

A wrap bat weight is a swing training aid. It can be used in the on deck circle and also as a training tool to improve swing speeds and power at the plate. Price is about $25.

A 16 oz. bat weight is great for stretching and increasing bat speed. Price is about $10.

A baseball scorebook that is spiral bound and good for 30 games costs about $5-6. It is convenient for baseball and softball leagues with about 16 players.

A baseball 25 pack lineup cards with non carbon copy paper costs about $6-8. Coaches can share their lineup with opposing coaches.

Most of the above baseball accessories are not necessary, but some will improve safety and performance.

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