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Softball Bats

Softball is a game like baseball, but it has its own playing equipment. Adult softball bats are generally longer and heavier than baseball bats.

The game was started in 1887 by a group of Harvard and Yale alumni. It became popular and in 1926 it was officially named softball. The game is enjoyed by many recreational and amateur players.

Softball bats can be made of wood or aluminum. Aluminum bats are lighter, provide a faster swing and therefore more power. They also offer more durability than wood bats.

There are two types of softball bats: fastpitch and slow pitch. Fastpitch bats are made to hit a fast thrown pitch while slow pitch bats are designed for slow swings.

Fastpitch bats are used by women fastpitch leagues. Men's softball is mostly a slow pitch game.

The material and technology used for softball bats is the same as it is for baseball. The material can be a basic aluminum alloy or a composite. The bats can have a single or double wall construction.

When choosing a bat, consider your size and weight. Adult bats for slow pitch are usually 33" to 34" long and weigh 26-30 ounces. Youth bats are 29" to 32" long and weigh less than 27 ounces.

Younger players should choose a light bat, while larger, stronger players should use a heavier bat.

The standard diameter for softball bats is 2 1/2 inches. High school and college players are restricted to bats with a maximum barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inches. Most players 12 years and under should use a 2 1/4 inch barrel.

Wood bats cost about $45-100, while aluminum bats can cost more than $300.

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