Improve your Game
with Baseball Batting Gloves

Most baseball glove manufacturers also make baseball batting gloves. Some of these manufacturers are Rawlings, Easton, Wilson, Cutters, Palmgard, Mizuno, Nike and Worth.

Gloves are available for baseball and softball in adult and youth sizes. The price range for a pair of gloves is about $15-40.

High quality gloves are made of premium leather and have a reinforced palm. They help to absorb shock and help to eliminate bat sting.

Features to look for:

  • Premium leather that is soft and moisture resistant.
  • Reinforced palm to help eliminate shock and bat sting.
  • Pre-curved finger design will make a better fit.
  • Stretch spandex will make the glove more flexible and comfortable.

Most gloves can usually be restored to their original grip when wiping the palm with a damp towel and then wiping the palm dry.

Batting gloves help the performance of players. A tight grip on the bat will help improve batting by preventing your hands to slip. Another benefit is to protect the hands, when sliding head first into a base.

A batting glove can be worn under the fielding glove to increase the life of the fielding glove and keep it dry from moisture.

Fastpitch batting gloves are usually designed for female softball players. The gloves are shorter, have smaller wrist openings and narrower finger stalls. This pattern provides a better fit and comfort for the woman's hand. Quality gloves have special padding in the palm, fingers and thumb to reduce shock and vibration. Price range for these gloves is about $20-35.

Several baseball sports manufacturers are marketing kids batting gloves that are similar to the gloves worn by Major League Baseball players. The design and construction technologies are the same as used for adult gloves.

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