A good Baseball Glove Break In will extend the Life of the Glove

A baseball glove break in is necessary for most gloves. Some gloves are game ready and don't need any or only a little break in. Breaking in gloves will extend the life of the gloves and make them soft and flexible.

It is recommended to use glove oil that conditions and softens the leather. There are many methods that players have developed. Unfortunately, most of these methods do more harm than good.

Nokona Athletic Goods Company recommends untreated petroleum jelly to treat your new glove. Nokona believes that petroleum jelly is one of the best and safest leather conditioner. For more information see Baseball Glove Oil

Some glove manufacturers have developed new tanning processes that make the gloves ready for play without the usual glove break in.

The objective of breaking in a glove is not only to soften it, but also to form a pocket. There are basically two ways to create a pocket:
1. Catch baseballs with your glove.
2. Put a baseball in the pocket and tie the glove with string. Keep the glove tied for a while. Repeat this until the glove has pocket.

Proper care for your glove can increase the life of the glove. You can do this:
1. If you don't use the glove, keep it in a cool, dry place.
2. If the glove is wet, dry it with a towel.

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