Baseball Uniforms

The first team to wear baseball uniforms were the New York Knickerbockers. In 1851, the team used long blue pants and white shirts. In 1868, the Cincinnati Red Stockings began wearing knee length knickerbockers.

In 1882 the National League established a rule that provides a color for each team. For example, Chicago received the white color; Boston was assigned the red color and New York was given the green color.

The first uniforms were made out of wool or a blend of cotton and wool. In the 1980s, synthetic material was the preferred material. Today, most uniforms are made out of cotton and polyester. Many styles, sizes and colors are available.

Baseball clothing can be bought in single items or as a package. A uniform package, which includes pants, jersey, hat, belt, socks and uniform customization, costs about $75 if ordered in quantities. Individual items cost about:
pants - $30, jersey - $35, socks - $6, belt - $7, cap - $6.

College baseball uniforms, like Major League Baseball uniforms, have changed substantially over the years. Pinstriped uniforms were introduced in 1912 and have become the most popular uniform. In 1929 Major League Baseball teams introduced numbers on the back of the jersey's.

College team jerseys cost about $45-65. They are generally made of 100% polyester and team color piping. T shirts cost about $30. Material is usually a cotton/polyester blend.

Many manufacturers use a fabric that has been treated for moisture control. Nike uses the Dri Fit fabric that helps you stay dry. Under Armour uses the HeatGear technology that keeps you cooler and drier.

When choosing a uniform, make sure it is comfortable in hot and humid conditions. The material should be light and should not restrict movement.

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