Stylish Baseball Shoes

Baseball shoes were available in black color only until the late 1960's. That is when the Kansas City team started using white shoes. From then on many colors and styles have become popular.

The original cleats had a high top design, which changed to the low cut design by 1910. A mid cut style offers more support, while the low cut style is lightweight and allows to make fast cuts when running.

All the major manufacturers now market many styles and colors. The more popular brands are Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Mizuno and Puma. Nike has become very popular, especially with younger players. The Nike Air model is a favorite among many players.

Technological advances have been made to provide good cushion and comfort. The outsoles are usually solid rubber, which provides stability and traction.

Shoes can have molded or steel cleats. Steel cleats offer better traction and stability, while shoes with molded cleats are usually cheaper. Metal cleats work better on hard surfaces, while molded cleats perform better on looser dirt. Molded cleats are usually recommended for minor league baseball for safety reasons.

In the late 1960s, many baseball fields had artificial turf installed. Metal cleats were damaging the artificial grass. Baseball shoe manufacturers designed cleats to be used just on artificial turf.

An important factor is the shoe material. Shoes can be constructed with full grain leather or synthetic materials. Leather shoes are more durable while synthetic leather shoes are cheaper.

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