Youth Baseball Catchers
Gear provides good Protection

Youth baseball catchers gear is designed to provide protection from foul balls and low pitches. In the last few years advanced technologies in the manufacturing and materials have made the equipment safer and more comfortable.

There are two sizes available:
1. youth sets for ages 9-12 years
2. intermediate sets for ages 12-15 years

Major manufacturers are: Easton, Louisville Slugger, Mizuno, Nike, Rawlings, Reebok, Under Armour and Wilson.

Youth gear costs about $145-155 for a set. A set includes shin guards, a chest protector, a face mask and a helmet. Other items needed are a good mitt and a cup. Intermediate sets cost about $155-165.

Shin guards should cover the knees and toes. Look for good cushioning.

A chest protector should have good cushioning and should fit properly. If it is too big, it will move and might expose parts of the catcher's body.

A face mask is very important. Make sure it fits properly and meets all safety requirements. Cups are sometimes uncomfortable, but are also very important.

A youth catcher's mitt costs about $60-70. It should have good padding and should be flexible.

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