Baseball Video Games
can improve your Performance

2K Sports makes Major League baseball video games for the XBox 360. The graphics are great and much detail has been put into body shapes and sizes.

There are many options available. You can become the general manager of your own franchise. You can hire and replace your coaching staff, pick up, trade and release players. As a coach you can argue calls with the umpire, which might increase team morale. Price for the MLB 2K6 box is about $40.

The 2005 edition of the MVP baseball XBox costs about $20-30. The game has excellent graphics, full customization and game modes.

Backyard baseball 2007 game boy advance costs about $30.
It is designed to duplicate the casual game played by kids of all ages. Elements of pitching, batting, fielding and running can be controlled. It is recommended for ages seven years and up.

The MVP NCAA baseball XBox costs about $20-30. College baseball features aluminum bats that can provide long hits and give you that "ping" sound when the bat hits the ball. Players have control of their hitting. They can swing for a home run or protect the plate.

These games can help you understand the game better, help improve your performance and provide enjoyment.

The Major League baseball 2K12 for the Xbox costs about $30-35. It features advanced pitching and hitting controls, detailed player tendencies and scouting reports.

The Mario super slugger costs about $20-25. You can swing the Wii remote to bat and pitch and use the Nunchuck to control the outfielders. You can select two player games and four player mini games. The video is a fun activity for the whole family.

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