Little League Umpire Equipment

Little League umpire equipment should be dependable and provide safety.

Wilson charcoal umpire shin guards cost about $80-100. Features include: 1. Coolmax lining to help control perspiration
2. Ankle plates for protection
3. 17-18" adjustable size option
Other styles offer double or triple knee protection. Professional type shin guards cost about $105-165.

A deluxe 4 dial umpire indicator costs about $5.
An umpire brush costs $6-8.

An umpire's ball bag costs about $20. It can hold 6 baseballs or 3 softballs. It includes a plate brush and has a zippered compartment for keys, a wallet, a watch and similar items. The bag fits on the umpire's belt.

A lightweight leather umpire mask costs about $50-70. Features desired:
1. Tubular single bar design
2. Leather inner padding
3. Vinyl outer padding
4. Weight should be about 1.5-2 lbs with the harness
5. Should fit any adult size

A chest protector costs about $45-60. Desired features:
1. Washable mesh fabric
2. Should fit under any shirt
3. Four way adjustable back harness
4. Overall weight should be about 2-2.5 lbs for the large size. The large size measures 14" neck to bottom.

An umpire shirt costs about $30. Material should be breathable mesh to help you feel cooler. Popular material is 100% nylon.

Umpire pants cost about $70. Desired features:
1. Can be worn behind the plate or on the field
2. Should have room in legs for shin guards
3. Dacron material should be durable and washable
4. Pleated front for good appearance
5. 3/4 inch belt loops

Equipment bags cost about $50-100.

The above Little League umpire equipment items should make the job of the umpire safer.

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