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Louisville Slugger Catchers Gear

Louisville Slugger products are very popular. The company offers a large selection of catcher's gear for adult and youth players.

The Pulse Static chest protector features the Pulse fit design, which provides a safe, snug fit. Other features like the over the shoulder harness add to a good fit and safety. Several colors are available so you can match the protector to your uniform. Price is about $50.

The TPX Omaha chest protector costs about $35. It has a lightweight construction and a pro style design.

The TPX catcher helmet provides a comfortable and a good fit. It has a leather chin pad and the face mask allows the catcher good vision of the baseball field. Several colors are available. Price is about $80.

The TPX Pulse shin guards are made of strong plastic, which reduces the weight of the guards. Special shin and knee cap padding offer safe and comfortable protection. Mesh side padding offers ventilation. Price is about $65-80, depending on the size.

The Youth TPX Omaha shin guards feature a pro style design and lightweight construction. They are shaped to provide a good fit and protection. Price is about $40.

The Knee Wedge is designed for comfortable support. Multiple straps allow for the proper location on the back of the leg. The wedge relieves stress when in the crouch position. Price is about $20.

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