Louisville Slugger
Wood Baseball Bats

Most Louisville Slugger wood baseball bats are made of maple and ash. The company uses several advanced wood processing techniques to make the wood harder and more durable. Price range is about $50-150.

You can select from a large variety of wood bats.

The MLB Prime wood bats are the same wood bats that the Pro players  use. Several new processes have made the wood harder with no soft spots. Maple and ash MLB Prime bats are available. Price for these bats is about $120.

The MLB Hybrid bats are constructed with a combination of the two-piece fiber rod process and maple. A special coating on the handle provides a firm grip.

The M9 Maple bats are made of dense, hard timber. They are preferred by many power hitters.

The Pro Stock wood bats are made from Northern White Ash. They are ideal for high school, college, adult, senior and minor league professional baseball. The bats are lightweight  and have a large sweet spot.

Louisville Slugger youth wood bats can help improve swing mechanics. These bats are great for practice and for games. Many players use wood bats for practice and use their high value metal bats for games. Price for youth wood bats is about $30.

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