Rawlings official
Major League Baseballs

Rawlings official Major League baseballs have been the official Major League baseballs since 1977. Each year Rawlings produces a special edition MLB (Major League Baseball) event baseballs. They are popular with fans and collectors.

The balls are made according to official Major League specifications. The cover is full grain leather and has a Rawlings Major League seam. It has a cushioned cork center and 85% wool windings. Price is about $20-25.

A complete set of official world series baseballs from 1978-2010 with a display case costs $1085.

Rawlings official game balls for Major League and Minor League baseball  cost about $14-15. The balls have a cushioned cork center, full grain leather cover and a Rawlings Major League seam.

Rawlings is also the official baseball of the NCAA championships. A special technology strengthen the balls to last 15% longer than traditional balls. Price is about $10.

The high school official Rawlings game balls costs about $7-10. Rawlings tournament grade youth league balls cost about $7. The balls have a cushioned cork center and a full leather cover.

Rawlings offers a variety of practice balls. Some have a solid cork center and some have a yellow leather cover for improved visibility. Price is about $5-6.

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