Riddell Baseball Cleats

Riddell baseball cleats are part of Riddell's sporting equipment products. In 1939 Riddell invented the plastic suspension football helmet. Football helmets are the most popular Riddell product.

The baseball product line includes batting helmets, catcher's gear, game & practice products, game equipment and on field equipment.

Riddell Toddler baseball cleats cost about $22 plus shipping cost. The shoes are comfortable and have durable synthetic leather uppers and rubber outsoles.

Men's Riddell baseball shoes cost about $50 plus shipping. They are offered by eBay stores. Riddell baseball helmets, jerseys and pants are more popular. Batting helmets cost about $25-30. Catcher's masks cost about $40-80.

Catcher chest protectors have a price range of about $30-85. Catcher mitts cost about $60. A baseball bat fence bag, which can be mounted on a chain link fence cost about $45. It is made of durable nylon and holds up to 8 bats.

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