Good fitting Softball Socks

Softball socks and other athletic socks need to be made of durable and comfortable material. Good athletic socks are made of soft and breathable fabric like cotton or polyester. Athletic socks are available for men, women and youth athletes.

A popular material is a blend of cotton and nylon. This fabric is lightweight and moisture absorbent. Wool socks are also good because they are absorbent, soft and comfortable.

Many manufacturers have the fabric treated with a moisture control ability. For example, CoolMax is quick drying and good for warm weather use.

Knee length socks are preferred for softball, because they can help prevent injury when sliding. Look for the following features:

1. Cotton and polyester absorb sweat to keep your feet dry.
2. Fitted heels and toes keep socks better in place.
3. Cushioned soles absorb pressure.
4. Padding in the arch provides a better fit and support.
5. Socks with a mesh upper are more comfortable.

Socks with fitted heels and toes cost about $40 for 3 pairs.

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