Southland Baseball Pants come
in a Variety of Styles and Colors

Southland baseball pants are marketed by the Southland Athletic company, which was founded in 1946 in Texas. The company offers apparel for baseball, softball, football, basketball and track & field.

The men's baseball pants are made with polyester and cost about $30. These are a durable and comfortable pants that feature a belt loop, double knees, a zipper fly and one patch pocket. Several colors are available. Matching baseball belts cost about $7.

The youth pro style pants are made with a cotton/nylon fabric. They have a belt loop, a zipper fly and set in pockets. Price is about $50 for white and about $55 for grey pants. Matching baseball belts cost about $7.

The women's softball pants in white cost about $30. The grey pants cost about $40. The pants feature pinstripes, a belt loop, a zipper fly, inserted pockets and full seam coverage.

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