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Wilson Catchers Gear

Wilson is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ball sports equipment. The company provides products for baseball, football, tennis, golf, basketball and other sports.

Wilson uses quality materials and advanced technologies in the production of products that will keep the catcher safe and comfortable.

The Pro Stock Shock FX helmet is available for adults and youth players. The cage is made of strong steel and has a design that allows good field vision. The helmet has a cooling system and cooling helmet liners to make it more comfortable for the catcher. Price is about $75-80.

The Youth Two Tone EZ Gear catcher's mask offers good protection and is easy to put on and take off. It has a moisture management system to keep your head cool. Price is about $55-60.

The Pro Stock Hinge FX chest protector features a system that allows the protector to be put around the body for a custom fit. Breathable foam with mesh backing provides ventilation and reduces weight. The protector is available for adult and youth players. Price is about $55-60.

The EZ Gear chest protector for young players has heavy duty Velcro straps that make it easy to put it on and take it off. Price is about $50-55.

The EZ Gear leg guards for youth players have heavy duty Velcro straps. The straps can easily be adjusted for a good fit. Price is about $40-45.

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