Anderson Softball Bats
provide good Performance

The Anderson Bat company was started in 1992. In 1999, it designed its first multi wall bat. The company's goal is to design bats that will improve performance.

It has become a leading manufacturer of aluminum baseball and softball equipment. It now manufacturers bats for adult, senior and youth league baseball, slow pitch and fastpitch softball. The Anderson softball bats are engineered to provide maximum performance.

Anderson uses several new technologies to improve bats and increase the performance of players. Below are several of its technologies:

1. The TrueFlex end cap technology is designed to increase the barrel strength.
2. NanoMetal materials create a barrel with higher overall performance than any present composition or aluminum design.
3. The ultra thin whip handle promotes proper swing mechanics.
4. The weldless knob provides comfort and reduces the risk of injury for young hitters.

The Techzilla is a multi wall fastpitch bat with great durability. The solid aluminum knob creates a balanced feel. The ultra thin whip handle helps to lower the vibration. It provides superior feel and no sting.

Optimal amount of flex is provided by the Taper Flex technology. The cap creates strong barrel support. The bat is available in length from 30" to 34" with a -9 swing weight. Price is about $230-250.

The Nanotec fastpitch softball bat features a 2 piece design. The composite handle and the barrel are the two pieces. The thin handle allows for a good fit and helps increase bat speed.

The weldless knob improves the balance of the bat and provides a comfortable feel. Price is about $300.

The Flexzilla fastpitch bat costs about $270. The barrel has a multi wall design that features two aluminum walls. This provides durability and an effective hitting area.

The thin handle maximizes bat speed and the special grip provides a good feel. The weldless knob adds weight that improves the balance of the bat. The -11 drop weight allows smaller players to get good swing speeds.

The Anderson Ignite slow pitch bat costs about $170. It has a single wall barrel design with an ultra thin handle. The bat does not need to be broken in.

The Rocketech softball bat has a multi wall design and a -9 swing weight. The thin handle is designed to increase swing speed. You can make the handle thicker by adding a thicker grip.

The weldless ergonomic knob adds weight to improve the balance of the bat and provides a more comfortable feel. Price is about $240.

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