High performing
Combat Softball Bats

Combat softball bats are available for slow pitch and fastpitch softball.

The Virus Morphed model is a 100% composite bat that provides maximum allowable performance. It features a multi-wall construction, a large sweet spot and a blended fiber technology. It meets the latest ASA standard. Price is about $300.

The Virus Plaque costs about $240-300. It features triple a wall construction, a 13.5 inch barrel, an ultra soft feel and a large sweet spot. It meets the 1.20 BPF standard.

The Lisa Fernandez fastpitch models costs about $230-270. The bats provide power, good performance and an ultra soft feel. They have a multi-wall construction and a large barrel. They meet the latest ASA standard.

The Pure FP fastpitch bat combines the molded, seamless construction with the Gear technology. The gear technology increases the bending stiffness of the barrel to reduce vibration. Price is about $250.

The Morphed Reload fastpitch model features a seamless construction with the blended fiber technology. This enhances the soft feel of the barrel without sacrificing durability. Price is about $270.

The Wanted FP is a two piece fastpitch bat that isolates the handle from the barrel. It is approved for play in all associations. Price is about $270 for the senior league model and about $350 for the adult model.

The Avarita two piece fastpitch bat features a 2 1/4" barrel. You can choose from a -8, -9, -10 and -11 drop. Price is about $300.

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