Increase the Life of the
Glove with Baseball Glove Oil

There are many ways you can take care of your glove. The best baseball glove oil will soften and improve the leather.

Nokona Athletic Goods Company recommends untreated petroleum jelly to treat your new glove. It believes that petroleum jelly is one of the best and safest leather conditioners. It suggests the following procedure:

1. During the glove break in period use a light application of petroleum jelly. This will reduce the stiffness of the leather.
2. At the end of the baseball season, take a generous amount of petroleum jelly and cover the inside and outside of the glove.
3. Then take a clean rag and wipe off the excess.

There are several good baseball glove conditioners available:

1. NLT, Nokona's classic glove conditioner is a safe and proved oiling formula. It is ideal for break in, cleaning and conditioning of the glove. Price is about $7.

2. Wilson Pro Stock glove conditioner conditions, cleans and restores the glove. Price is about $15. Wilson also sells a 4 oz spray bottle with premium glove oil for about $7.

3. Rawlings advanced formula glove oil costs about $6 for a 4 ounce bottle. It is a non petroleum formula that cleans, preserves and softens the glove. It applies oil on the entire glove in seconds.

4. Franklin Sports sells a 4 ounce bottle of glove oil for about $6. The oil is designed to break in and condition the leather.

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