Improve the Condition of your Glove with Baseball Glove Repair

A baseball glove repair kit might be cheaper than buying a new glove. There are glove repair kits available that make it simple to repair gloves. Replacing some laces, cleaning and conditioning of the leather can make old gloves perform well again. High quality gloves can usually be reconditioned for about $25-35.

A glove repair kit that includes 3 leather laces, a leather punch, a wire and steel lacing tool costs about $20. Some kits include step by step instructions to help you do the repairs correctly.

The Rawlings glove repair kit costs about $32. The set includes a glove repair tool, a glove lace, reconditioning products and other accessories. It is recommended to buy a set like this if you have several gloves that could use repair.

The MLB Dr. Glove repair kit costs about $22. It includes:
1. 1 wooden handle leather punch
2. 1 wooden handle lacing tool
3. 1 u-wire lacing needle
4. 2 ounce bottle of glove oil
5. 1 hand mitt

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