Easton Youth Baseball Cleats

Easton youth baseball cleats are affordable. They have soft uppers and provide good support. Youth cleats usually have molded cleats, which are permanently attached to the outsole. These types of shoes are cheaper than shoes with metal spikes.

Most youth cleats have a low cut style and are made with synthetic leather. They are lightweight and offer better movement on the field than mid cut models.

Youth shoes constructed with synthetic uppers and molded cleats provide good support and stability. They will not reduce the performance of the player.

The Easton Redline Low II youth molded cleats offer comfort for both baseball and softball players. The sleek upper offers flexibility and the molded cleats give good traction and support. Price is about $30.

The Youth Titan low cut model costs about $30. The upper is made with lightweight synthetic leather. Great comfort is provided by the soft nylon mesh tongue and the padded collar. The heel has a stabilizer for added control. The rubber outsole with the molded cleats gives good traction.

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