Proper Care for Wooden Baseball Bats will keep them ready for Play

Care for wooden baseball bats has become less routine because baseball leagues are using mostly aluminum bats. Only the Major Leagues are required to use wooden bats.

College, high school and youth leagues are using aluminum bats. Recently, some youth and high school leagues have gone back to using wooden bats for safety reasons.

If you are using a wooden bat, here are a few things you should do to keep your bat clean and ready for play:

  • It is important to clean your bat after use, especially, if you use pine tar on your handle.
  • Generally, rubbing alcohol will clean the bat and remove the tar. Use a soft cloth and plenty of rubbing alcohol to wipe the bat from top to bottom. Wipe the handle several times to remove all the pine tar and other dirt.
  • To smooth out rough spots on the bat, try rubbing it with another bat.
  • Store the bat with the handle up in a dry place.

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