Great Selection of
Rawlings Baseball Bats

The Rawlings company is well known for its baseball gloves. Now, also Rawlings baseball bats are available for every level of play. The company has a great selection of aluminum and wood bats for adults and youth.

Aluminum bats in various sizes are available for high school, college, youth and tee ball. Price range is about $30-300.

Sample of metal bats:

The 5150 Senior League bat has a 1 piece alloy frame. The handle is covered with premium synthetic leather. Price is about $200.

The 5150 Velo model for high school and college players costs about $300. The one piece frame is made of 100% alloy. The longer barrel and end cap design offer an increased bat swing.

The 5150 Exogrid model for youth players has a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter. New technology reduces vibration and increases the hitting area. Price is about $110-200.

The 5150 alloy youth big barrel bat costs about $100. The multi wall barrel provides good strength and flex.

The wood bats are made from hard maple and northern white ash. They are available in adult, youth and tee ball sizes. For example:

The Major League quality maple wood bat costs about $130.
The Pro Preferred ash wood bat costs about $90.
The adult maple wood model costs about $70. It is a popular two tone bat with a 15/16 inch handle and a 2 1/2 inch barrel diameter.
The youth Big Barrel ash wood model features a big barrel, a 31/32 inch handle and a 2 1/2 inch barrel diameter. Price is about $50.

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