Cutters Batting Gloves
perform in all Weather Conditions

The Cutters company makes high performance sports gloves, including Cutters batting gloves. Cutters uses the C-TACK performance grip material. This material gives good grip performance in all weather conditions. When the gloves get dirty, machine wash or wipe them clean with a damp towel and your grip will be restored.

The Response hitting glove is durable and machine washable. C-TACK material is placed in fingers and the palm patch. This material helps to minimize grip pressure and causes quicker bat speed. Various color combinations are available. Sizes range from small to extra, extra large. Price is about $40.

The Cutters PRO model costs about $45. It features C-TACK material and Cabretta leather for a better grip and feel. It is designed to perform in all weather conditions. Various color combinations are available.

The all leather gloves are made with grade A Cabretta leather. They are lightweight and provide a good feel. Price is about $45.

The Endurance glove has a C-TACK material grip on the fingers and palm, which provides an improved grip while lowering grip pressure. The reduced grip pressure keeps your hand from tiring and you will have a firmer grip on the bat. Price is about $40. The youth model costs about $30.

The Little Slugger youth model costs about $30. The C-TACK material on the fingers and thumb gives a strong grip in all weather conditions. It is a durable, high performance model.

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