Louisville Slugger Batting
Gloves improve Performance

Louisville Slugger batting gloves are technologically advanced gloves. The bionic glove line contains nine palm side motion zones to eliminate bunching. It has eight backside motion zones and four thumb motion zones for optimal flexibility. A pre curved finger design ensures a good fit. The gloves are designed to improve fit and performance.

The SRG1 is an orthopedic designed bionic model to improve the fit and get a good grip on the bat. It is made of premium Cabretta leather that provides a soft feel. A special padding system reduces vibration and allows for a lighter grip. The finger design follows natural hand movements. Several color combinations are available. Sizes range from small to extra, extra large. Price is about $40.

The Omaha Elite gloves cost about $25. They feature top grade sheep skin construction. The embossed palm allows for a good grip and bat control. The Lycra spandex and mesh inserts provide air circulation.

The Pro Design models are made with premium leather. They have a polyurethane back and nylon spandex gussets for comfort and air circulation. Price is about $25.

The Freestyle model costs about $30. It has an embossed premium sheepskin palm. The construction features a professional pattern and a neoprene wrist strap. Several color combinations are available for adult and youth players.

The Sting Reduction batting glove is designed to improve fit and comfort. Special padding provides sting reduction and the mesh back increases flexibility. You can select from several colors and sizes for adult and youth players. Price is about $20.

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