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DeMarini Baseball Bats

DeMarini Sports was started in 1990. It grew steadily and DeMarini baseball bats are now some of the best bats available. DeMarini specializes in making one line of high performance bats for professional players and amateurs.

This approach led to the first multi wall bat, called the DeMarini Double Wall. In 2000, the company was acquired by Wilson Sporting Goods.

Several high quality models are available for baseball, fastpitch and slow pitch softball. Prices go as high as $300.

The DeMarini Voodo adult model is great for college and high school play. It has a flex tuned composite handle for increased power and more durability. It uses a two piece system that allows players to swing faster with less effort. It is BESR approved, has a 2 5/8" barrel and a 12 months limited warranty. Price for the adult model is about $230-300. The youth model costs about $50.

The DeMarini Youth Vexxum bat is very light for maximum bat speed. It has a -13.5 drop. The flex tuned composite handle provides increased power. The two piece system allows players to swing faster. It has a 2 1/4" barrel and is approved for Little League. Price is about $180. The adult model costs about $250.

Example of DeMarini fastpitch softball bats for college, high school and youth players:

1. SF5 model costs about $320. It has a -10 length to weight ratio and is constructed with a special composite that is durable and strong. Two independent composite walls create a springboard hitting effect. The Half and Half technology increases power and speed.

The Pro Maple bat is ideal for advanced wood bat leagues. It is constructed with premium materials. Price is about $130.

2. The CF5 Insane model costs about $300. The composite barrel is strong and stable. Three independent walls create a springboard hitting effect. The handle is designed to efficiently transfer power from your hands to the barrel to provide consistency in every swing. It has -10 length to weight ratio and a 2 1/4" bat diameter.

3. The Bustos is a youth model made of a durable alloy. It has a reinforced composite handle that eliminates sting and vibration. It has -13 length to weight ratio and a 2 1/2" barrel. Price is about $100-120.

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