Easton Baseball Bats
for every Level of Play

Easton baseball bats are made by the Easton company, which was started in 1922 to produce wood bows. In 1939, it began producing aluminum bows and was very successful. Later it used its technology to produce aluminum bats. It produced the first aluminum model in 1969. Over the years Easton expanded into baseball, softball, hockey and bicycle components.

Today, Easton is a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of sports equipment. It currently employs more than 1000 people.

Easton produces aluminum and aluminum composite bats for adult, youth, senior leagues, slow pitch and fastpitch leagues.

S1 bat has an all composite two piece design. The streamlined barrel construction removes excess weight from the barrel for a lighter swing weight. Several patented technologies eliminate vibration and strengthen the composite structures. Price is about $400.

The Power Brigade adult model costs about $300. It is made with scandium alloy, which is a durable material. A special design allows for more bat speed and more power. The extra long barrel and the large sweet spot provide an extended hitting zone.

The youth Power Brigade bat is approved for Little League play. It is constructed with the two piece Connexion technology. The special speed design allows for faster swing speeds. It has an ultra thin 29/32" tapered handle and an extra long 2 1/4" diameter barrel. Price is about $200.

The Rival model is made from a durable aluminum alloy. It has an ultra thin handle with a stiff flex. A special barrel technology allows for faster swing speeds. Price is about $200.

The Surge model has the two piece Connexion design that provides a great feel. The bat is made from premium, strong alloy. A new barrel technology offers fast swing speeds. Price is about $200.

The Easton Pro Stix maple wood bat, identical to Easton's bats used by some major league players, costs about $80. The white ash bats cost about $60.

Easton Havoc baseball bats are made of Sc900 Scandium alloy, which is the toughest and strongest alloy available. These are high quality, stylish bats with a large sweet spot. Warranty is 400 days. Price is about $100-200.

Features include:
1. BESR certified 2 5/8" diameter barrel
2. Thin 31/32" tapered handle with a comfortable grip
3. Extended barrel creates a large hitting area
4. -3 length to weight ratio meets all college and high school standards
5. Anodized finish

The Easton Havoc senior bat costs about $50-100. It is a lightweight bat that has -9 length to weight ratio.

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