Demarini Softball Gloves

Demarini is best known for its high quality baseball bats. Now, Demarini softball gloves and softball bats are available. In 2000, Demarini joined forces with Wilson Sporting Goods.

Two popular glove types are offered for slow pitch softball:
1. The Diablo models are designed for baseball and softball players. The gloves feature Ecco leather for comfort.
2. The Voodoo models are light and durable. They feature Ecco leather and a special shock absorbing palm pad.

The Demarini Diablo series softball utility gloves cost about $85. They are made from Ecco leather, which provides comfort and quality. Breathable wrist and back finger lining transfers moisture from your skin to keep your hand dry and cool. The adjustable wrist strap offers a good fit.

The Voodoo models cost about $90. Features include:
1. Ecco leather provides comfort and a good fit
2. Breathable wrist lining keeps your hand dry and cool
3. Available for right and left handed hitters

The DeMarini Rogue slow pitch softball glove costs about $70. It has a strong nylon back that is abrasion and wear resistant. The special leather and two tone laces are durable and stylish.

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