High Quality
Nokona Baseball Gloves

Nokona started making sports equipment in 1933. Nokona baseball gloves are well known for its high quality. The gloves are made in Texas using traditional leather, buffalo or kangaroo hides.

The Bloodline Series baseball gloves are Nokona's most expensive gloves. They are made from full grain leather that has a smooth and soft feel. Bloodline is a full grain leather that is put through a special tanning process to produce a rich appearance. The gloves require a heavy break in. List price is about $390.

The Buckaroo models have a list price of about $330. They are easier to break in than full cowhide gloves. These gloves have kangaroo leather on the back of the hand and sandstone leather on the palm. Kangaroo leather comes from Australia. It weighs less than typical cowhide but it has a tensile strength 2 to 3 times greater than cowhide.

The Pro Line gloves are made from buckskin cowhide leather and sandstone tanned leather. Buckskin is a pre oiled leather that provides a broken in feel and retains its shape. Price is about $270.

The Classic Walnut baseball gloves are made with Nokona's proprietary walnut leather. The leather has been pre oiled, but the gloves require some break in. Price is about $250.

The Buffalo Combo gloves are made with buffalo leather combined with Nokona's walnut leather. They are flexible and require only a short break in time. Several models are available. List price is about $310.

The Youth Select is a youth glove designed for serious club players. It is made with buffalo and Nokona's buckskin leather that is soft and sturdy. List price is about $240.

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