Durable and soft
Franklin Batting Gloves

Franklin Sports was founded in 1946. It offers quality and innovative products for professional, college, high school and youth players. In 1980 it designed batting gloves that offer a great feel and performance. It is the official batting glove of Major League Baseball.

A great selection of gloves for all playing condition is available. All styles are manufactured with top leather. Every glove has a one piece, seamless leather palm and curved fingers to assure a comfortable and snug fit.

The Franklin DGT-200 glove costs about $22. A special tanning process provides increased strength, moisture control and softness. It has a leather palm and a special grip feature that enhances the grip around the handle.

The Cold Weather model ensures flexibility and warmth during cold weather play. It has an insulated back that keeps your hand warm. The glove is washable. You can choose an adult or youth size. Price is about $40 for a pair.

The Natural model is constructed with premium leather, which is very smooth. It is designed to get a better grip on the bat. The breathable, ventilated spandex back and neoprene wristband allow for a snug fit. Price is about $35-50.

The CFX Pro glove features a one piece leather palm. The glove is designed and shaped to adapt to the shape of your hand. Price is about $35.

The MLB Shok-Sorb glove costs about $18-26. The Shok-Sorb foam eliminates sting and specially designed inserts improve flexibility. It is made with goatskin leather.

The Neo Classic II glove is popular with professional baseball hitters. It features a leather palm and the Tri Curve construction. The Tri Curve construction is a pre curving process that matches the shape of the glove to your hand. The back of the glove is ventilated. Price is about $35.

The Youth Series Glove costs about $22. It features a special palm material and reinforced finger tips. The sheepskin leather maintains softness and the Velcro strap allows you to get a snug fit.

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