Jugs Pitching Machines

Jugs pitching machines are available for baseball and softball. Several models are offered for youth and adult players. The machines can improve your hitting performance. They can also be used for defensive and offensive drills.

The Jugs Softball pitching machine costs about $1400. This is a popular model used by pitching machine leagues, youth leagues and high schools. It has a speed range of 15-60 mph. It throws straight balls, risers, drops for fastpitch and arch tossing for slow pitch.

The Combination pitching machine costs about $2200. It throws baseballs, softballs and tennis balls. It is used by high schools, colleges and professional players. Speed range is 20-104 mph. It can throw fastballs, curves, sliders and split finger fastballs.

The Curveball machine costs about $2300. It is a durable and reliable model that is easy to move and set up. The speed range is 20-104 mph, which allows it to be used by players 12 years old to adult age.

The Jugs MVP model costs about $1000. It is recommended for youth players 6-12 years old. Speed range is 20-52 mph. It throws pop ups and fly balls. It is portable, easy to move and can be set up in a short time.

The Jr. Pitching Machine is recommended for players 8-15 years old. It throws fastballs, slow pitch and fastpitch softballs. Speed range is 15-60 mph. Price is about $1600.

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