Atec Axis Pitching Machine
provides real Game Action

Atec pitching machines are available for baseball and softball. They offer a variety of training for youth, high school, college and professional players. The company offers a large selection of machines for every level of play.

The Atec Axis pitching machine mixes up pitches to give you real game action in practice. It can throw fastballs, drops, risers and curveballs. Pitching speed is up to 70 mph for baseballs and 65 mph for softballs. It is lightweight and can be moved easily. Price is about $1800.

The Atec Casey pro baseball or softball machine throws baseballs up to 90 mph. It delivers curveballs, sliders, change ups, knuckle balls and fastballs for both left and right hand hitters. For fielding practice it can throw pop ups, fly balls, line drives and grounders. Price is about $2600-3900.

The Atec Soft Toss model costs about $400. It can be used indoor or outdoor. It holds 20 baseballs or 18 softballs and has an automatic 6 second ball release.

The Atec Rookie pitching machine costs about $1500. It has a variable speed control and throws baseballs up to 65 mph. It can throw line drives, grounders and pop up fly balls. Built in transport wheels allow for easy transport.

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