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Little League Baseball Bats

Most Little League baseball bats are made of aluminum alloy. The bats cost more than wood bats, but they last longer. They need to meet Little League standards. Aluminum models cannot be more than 33" long and not more than 2 1/4" in diameter. The handle must have cork, tape or composition material for at least 10 inches.

Little League players are usually 7-12 years old. Baseball bat specifications are as follows:

1. The barrel diameter is 2 1/4 inches.
2. The bat length is 28-32 inches.
3. The weight of the bat is indicated with a minus number. The term used is weight drop. For Little Leagues, the weight drop range is about -7 to -13. The higher number indicates a lighter bat. For example, a 30 inch long bat with a -12 would weigh 18 ounces (30-12).

For most Little League players, a light bat is preferred. A lighter bat will allow players to use a proper swinging technique. Heavier bats create more power, but are usually to heavy for Little League players to get a good swing.

Good quality wood bats cost about $40-65, while aluminum bats range from $45-300+.

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