Mizuno Softball Gloves

Mizuno softball gloves are available in several categories:

1. The MVP Prime fastpitch gloves feature innovative technologies. The Power Lock feature provides a secure fit and the special palm pad gives good shock absorption. The shell is made from oiled full grain steerhide leather that provides a game ready feel. Price is about $110.

2. The Classic Pro Soft fastpitch models cost about $180. They are designed for female players. The shell is made from Throwback leather that is durable and pre oiled. A soft palm liner adds protection and a soft feel.

3. The new Franchise Excel series have an increased pocket to make catching easier. The gloves features a special soft lining. Price is about $80.

4. The Franchise models are Mizuno's most popular slow pitch gloves. They feature game ready, soft leather. A special palm pad absorbs the shock and the Velcro wrist closure provides a secure fit. Price is about $80.

5. The Supreme slow pitch fielding gloves feature full grain leather and a soft palm lining. Price is about $75.

6. The Supreme catcher's mitt features a full grain leather shell with soft palm lining. The smaller size is perfect for the youth player who is not ready for a full size glove. Price is about $65.

7. The Classic fastpitch catcher's mitt costs about $170. It features the Power Lock for a secure fit and the Parashock palm for shock absorption.

8. The MVP fastpitch catcher's mitt costs about $125. It is made from quality leather and features the Parashock palm for more protection and comfort.

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