Mizuno Youth Baseball Gloves

Mizuno youth baseball gloves feature Mizuno's Power Close technology. This technology puts a v-flex notch in the heel of the glove. This helps younger players close the glove easily. Price range for these gloves is about $30-40.

The Mizuno Prospect series utility glove costs about $30. It is a 10" model with the Power Close technology. It helps youth players catch the ball in the pocket. A special palm pad reduces sting when catching the ball.

The size 10.75" glove with the same features costs about $35. The size 11" costs about $40.

The Mizuno Prospect utility gloves with a special flex web cost about $55-60. They are made with multiple technologies to help young players catch the ball the right way. A soft palm reduces sting when catching the ball.

The Mizuno Classic Pro Future infielder and outfielder gloves cost about $160. The gloves are made for smaller hands. The leather is pre-oiled and easy to break in. A special design increases the structure of the glove for long term durability. The new glove liner provides a better feeling and a soft finish.

Sizes available are: 11.25", 11.50", 12.00" and 12.25".

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