Mizuno Baseball Gloves

Mizuno baseball gloves have been constructed by Mizuno for over 100 years. The gloves are very popular in Asia and are also well recognized in American baseball. All Mizuno gloves are of high quality, even the low priced models.

The majority of Japanese players use Mizuno gloves. The high end gloves sell for about $300-500. Gloves for every position are available.

The Mizuno Classic Pro Series first base mitt, made of natural tanned leather, sells for about $220. The Classic Pro fielder glove costs about $190. The leather is pre oiled to shorten the break in time. It also makes the glove more flexible.

The Pro Limited Edition infield and outfield gloves cost about $500. They are made with Deguchi Kip leather that is conditioned to make the gloves stronger. The deerskin palm liner produces a soft feel.

The Global Elite VOP gloves cost about $240-300. They are made with Japanese tanned, hand oiled VOP leather. Roll welting increases support throughout the fingers. A cushioned wrist pad allows for a secure fit.

The Mizuno Classic Pro soft model costs about $190. Pre-oiled leather keeps its shape and roll welting increases the structure of the glove.

Other Mizuno fielder gloves cost about $80-160.

Mitts for the catcher are made from the best leather. They feature a special palm which absorbs the shock and provides strong protection. Price for the Mizuno Pro mitt is about $500.

The global Elite mitts cost about $230. Other mitts cost about $90-190.

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