Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats

According to legend, the first Louisville Slugger baseball bats were made in 1884 by Bud Hillerich. They became successful, when amateur baseball players could purchase them. The bats were named after their favorite big league player.

The company continued to grow and now employs about 470 people. Many professional baseball players use Louisville Slugger bats. The company now makes the traditional wood bats and top quality aluminum bats.

The company uses ash and maple wood. Ash is a strong timber and it is lightweight.

The price for Louisville Slugger wood bats is about $50-150. Major League baseball player bats cost about $120.

The Louisville Slugger aluminum bats come in various models for adult, senior, youth and tee ball.

The Z-1000 is made of aluminum and composite materials. It features a one piece construction with a 2 5/8" barrel diameter and a cushioned synthetic grip. Price is about $380.

The TPX Omaha model for senior leagues is made of strong aluminum alloy. It has a one piece design with a 2 5/8" barrel diameter and a cushioned grip. Price is about $160.

Louisville Slugger youth baseball bats are available in various styles and sizes. All models have a 2 1/4" barrel, synthetic grip and a 7/8" standard handle.

The Vertex tee ball bat has a one piece aluminum design with a 7/8" handle and a synthetic grip. It is a lightweight bat. Price is about $45.

The Laser bat features 7050 aluminum alloy. Sizes 21" to 32" with a -12 length to weight ratio are available. Price is about $65.

The Triton youth model costs about $160. It has a one piece composite frame with a synthetic grip. The -12 length to weight ratio provides good power.

The Genesis youth model comes with a -10 or -11 length to weight ratio. It has a 7/8" handle and a synthetic grip. Price is about $45.

The Warrior youth bat costs about $75. It is made of 7050 aluminum alloy. The length to weight ratio is -12.

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