Spalding Baseball Gloves

A large selection of Spalding baseball gloves is available for serious, recreational and Little League players.

The Stadium gloves are made from premium steerhide leather. They feature a deep pocket design to hold the baseballs or softballs securely. The palm pad and index finger pad provide comfort and protection. Price is about $90.

The Vintage models cost about $60-70. They are made with premium steerhide leather. The leather is oil treated to make the gloves ready to play. The padded palm provides protection from ground and fly balls.

The Pro Select infield gloves cost about $200. They are designed to exact specifications of major league players. They feature steerhide leather with cowhide lining. A leather palm and Coolmax finger lining help keep moisture away. The gloves are lightly treated with oil to keep them soft and flexible.

The True to the Game gloves are made with premium cowhide leather and pigskin lining. They are game ready. Price is about $95-125.

The Youth Select models are lightweight, ready to play leather gloves. They have a palm pad and a deep pocket design. Price is about $60.

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