Worth Softball Gloves

Worth was started in the early 1910's to produce horse collars and harnesses. In 1919 it began production of footballs and basketballs. It later discontinued football and basketball and concentrated on products for baseball and softball.

The company has a personalized custom program for its Liberty models, which allows the player to customize the glove to different color combinations. You can choose a variety of colors for the glove and laces. You can also have your name and number printed on the glove.

The Liberty Advanced model has a modified closed back with straps. It is constructed with tanned leather and pro grade laces. The finger linings are cushioned and pull straps allow you to get a good fit. Price is about $220-220.

The Mayhem model features soft leather, an adjustable wrist strap, Coolmax finger lining and a lifetime warranty. It is designed for the slow pitch player. Price is about $75-80.

The Legit slow pitch fielders' gloves feature custom fitting hand adjustments. The gloves are made with full grain, double tanned shell leather. The palm and index finger have special padding. Price is about $150-180.

The Toxic Lite slow pitch gloves are made with full grain, oil treated shell leather. Other features include a non slip strap, palm and index finger padding. Price is about $75.

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