Baseball Pitching Machines
for every Skill Level

Baseball pitching machines are excellent training tools to improve the hitting of youth, recreational and professional players.

There are different types available for recreational, youth leagues, high school, college and professional players. Machines are also available for softball players.

Some models can accommodate various skill levels from little leagues to the major leagues. Others can be adjusted to practice fastballs, curve balls and softball pitches.

Machines are available that can be used in the backyard for home training. You can use a tossing machine that is lightweight and compact. It tosses balls at a fixed speed, which allows you to improve hand and eye coordination.

You can also use a full size, one wheel machine that has several pitching options. This type might be good for new players.

Pitching machines are popular in youth leagues, because they are safe and deliver consistent pitches. Choose a lightweight model that is easy to set up and transport.

Machines for beginners toss balls at a low speed. They are lightweight and portable. Soft toss pitching models cost about $80-200. Lower priced models are usually battery operated.

Youth league players should review single motor machines that can pitch balls at about 60 mph. Some models have wheels for easy transport. Price range is about $400-2500. The expensive models can throw a variety of pitches.

For high school and college players there are machines available that can throw balls at 90 mph or faster. Most types can throw curve balls, fastballs and sliders. They can also be used for fielding practice. They can throw fly balls, pop ups and ground balls. Price range is about $400-2800.

Softball machines cost about $250 to over $2000. They can simulate fast and slow underhand throws.

Prices for softball machines vary from less than $100 to over $2000. The higher priced models can throw balls over 100 mph.

Some of the manufacturers are Wilson, Jugs, Zooka, Heater and Bata.

An entry level softball machine that can throw fastballs up to 50 mph costs about $400-500. It can also be used for fielding fly balls and grounders.

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