Improve your Hitting with
Bata Pitching Machines

Bata Pitching Machines for baseball and softball have been marketed since 1991. Many Major League teams use Bata equipment. The machines are made of solid steel and quality parts. They are easy to set up and easy to transport.

Price range is about $1150-4000 for machines. Automatic ball feeders cost about $330. Protective screens cost about $180-210.

The 2Pitch4 machine costs about $4000. It features 2 double wheel heads with independent speed control. Each head has two wheels and two motors. This allows you to adjust the speeds to any setting with any spin. Each head can throw any pitch that a real pitcher can throw. Maximum speed on each head is 95 mph.

The 2Pitch3 machine costs about $3100-3500. It can throw up to 95 mph fastballs or 75 mph curveballs in one set up. It can throw fly balls and ground balls for fielding practice. The manual feeding allows you to feed fastballs and curveballs without the batter knowing, which pitch is coming.

The B1 Curveball machine costs about $1500. It can throw fastballs, left and right hand sliders. Maximum speed is 70 mph with leather baseballs. The baseball/softball combo model costs about $1600.

The Bata 1 pitching machine throws fastballs up to 62 mph with pinpoint accuracy. It is ideal for youth batting practice. Price is about $1200 for the baseball model and about $1300 for the baseball/softball model.

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