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Nike Slow Pitch Softball Bats

Nike offers a whole range of softball bats, including Nike slow pitch softball bats. Most bats use aluminum and graphite/titanium lined material.

The Aero adult bats cost about $200-300. They have a sleek hybrid design that has a strong metal barrel. The M1 model has a one piece design, while the MC2 model has a two piece design with a composite handle. The MC2 senior league bat costs about $260.

The Imara fastpitch bat costs about $60-65. It has a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter and a cushioned synthetic grip. The high gloss painted finish provides a stylish look.

The Nike Aero Athena Comp softball models cost about $300. Features include:
1. High performance, multi wall composite provides durability
2. Aero Cap technology is more aerodynamic
3. Painted finish with durable automatic clear coat
4. Cushioned synthetic leather grip

The Aero Show 2 is a kids' softball bat that has an aerodynamic design. This design offers a faster swing speed and more power. Material is 90% aluminum and 10% polyurethane. The bat length is 31 inches and the length to weight ratio is -12.5. The extended barrel increases the hitting area. Price is about $70.

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