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Custom Baseball Gloves

Some glove manufacturers offer custom baseball gloves. These manufacturers include Rawlings, Mizuno and Glovesmith. Players can choose options to create their custom gloves. Options like glove size, leather type, color, lace, back style, the web and pattern can be chosen.

Custom Glove offers the basic Glovesmith custom glove for about $160. The player can choose the size, leather type, webbing, type of back, color and lacing.

For the Glovesmith custom elite glove, additional options include re-tanned steer hide sewn with indestructible Kevlar thread. Dense needled wool is used for padding and choice rawhide for laces. There are sixteen professional and two youth patterns to choose from. The price is about $250.

Custom Glove also offers custom Mizuno and Rawlings softball and baseball gloves. The price for Rawlings custom gloves is about $250. Custom Mizuno softball gloves are offered for about $130. The Mizuno custom Pro Series cost about $230.

Rawlings offers a wide range of gloves that can be personalized with several options. Cost for custom gloves include the cost of the glove and about $80-95 for customizing.

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