High performing
Easton Fastpitch Softball Bats

Easton fastpitch softball bats feature innovative technologies and good performance. The Stealth and Synergy Clarity models are made using the Easton's patented Visual Composite technology. This is a transparent outer glass layer located on the barrel, which allows players to easily view the physical integrity of the bat. Price is about $200-300.

Features include:

1. Extended flex design that lengthens the sweet spot
2. Maximum allowable bat speed
3. Solid feel and elimination of vibration
4. Complies with all current bat performance standards

The Easton SV12 fastpitch bat is made with a tough Scandium alloy material and a composite handle. The ultra thin handle is covered with a Pro-Tack grip. Price is about $200.

The Typhoon model costs about $55. It is an evenly designed bat with a thin handle. The handle is covered with a cushioned grip.

The Stealth Speed models cost about $150. The bats have an advanced design that increases the sweet spot, creating a large hitting area. The two piece Connexion technology reduces bat vibration.

The Mystique model is made with 7050 aircraft alloy. It has a thin 29/32" handle with a cushioned grip. Various sizes are available. Price is about $45.

The Synergy youth model costs about $40. It is an ultra light bat with excellent graphics.

Easton slow pitch softball bats are available in a variety of models.

The Stealth and Synergy Tri-Zone bats are offered in one and two piece designs with 12 inch or 13.5 inch barrels. The Segmented Tri-Zone barrel technology is designed to increase the flexibility along the entire length of the barrel. The bats are slightly end loaded for more power and have an ultra thin 29/32 inch tapered handle. They comply with all current performance standards. Price is about $210-260.

The B1 slow pitch bat costs about $300. It has an evenly balanced 2 piece composite design. The 2 piece connection provides a great flex at contact while the black carbon handle reduces vibration.

The Cyclone costs about $50. It is made of aluminum. It has an ultra thin barrel with a cushioned grip. The 12" barrel provides all the power you will need.

The XL2 slow pitch has a one piece composite design that provides extra bat control. The slightly end loaded barrel provides increased power. Price is about $200.

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