Miken Softball Bat Review

The Miken company markets athletic products for softball and baseball. This Miken softball bat review looks at some of the slow pitch and fastpitch models.

Slow pitch softball bats are usually 34" long and weigh between 26 oz and 30 oz.

A popular bat is the Freak slow pitch bat. Price is about $220. Specifications are:
1. 13 1/2" barrel length
2. 2 1/4" barrel diameter
3. Premium synthetic leather grip
4. Thin handle
5. 100% composite material

The Ultra senior model costs about $230. It has a 100% composite construction. Several advanced technologies increase the performance of the bat. It is not approved for ASA or USSSA, but is approved for play in senior leagues.

Fastpitch softball bats have a 2 1/4 " barrel diameter and a length to weight ratio between -8 and -12. The bats are mostly used by female players.

The Miken Halo fastpitch bat costs about $200. The bat has an extra long barrel that provides more power for serious ball players. The bat has a thin handle and a synthetic leather grip. X-Track coating provides a superior knob grip for added control.

The Freak fastpitch model costs about $320. It has one piece design and it is constructed with a 100% composite material. The multi layer wall extends the barrel flex which results in a larger sweet spot.

The Triad is a two piece composite fastpitch bat. It has 2 1/4" barrel diameter and it is available in several sizes. It is ASA and USSSA certified for play. Price is about $300.

The Ultra ASA is a slow pitch softball bat with a carbon fiber barrel. It has a balanced feel and a large sweet spot. Price is about $200.

Softball and baseball leagues have bat requirements. High schools and college require BESR certified bats. Be sure you know your league requirements, before choosing a bat.

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