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Louisville Slugger softball bats are made from advanced aluminum and composite alloys. The company uses the latest aerospace technology in the construction of the bats to ensure good performance.

The Xeno fastpitch models cost about $310. They are constructed with a strong composite material. A special barrel technology provides a balanced swing weight. The bats have a 7/8" standard handle with a synthetic grip. They do not need a break in. The iST technology joins the barrel and handle to provide a larger sweet spot. It absorbs vibration before it reaches the player's hand.

Fastpitch softball bats have a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter and a length to weight ratio between -8 and -13.

The Zephyr is a one piece fastpitch bat made from a strong composite material. It is constructed with a 7/8 inch handle and a synthetic grip. Price is about $160.

The Louisville Slugger TPS-1000 has an iST composite design. This design features a solid connection between the handle and the barrel. The design allows the barrel to flex to its maximum allowable performance. Price is about $200-250.

The Louisville Slugger TPS Catalyst slow pitch bat is made with X-1 composite. It has a balanced swing weight, a 12" barrel and a 7/8" standard handle with a synthetic grip. Price is about $250.

The youth Catalyst bat costs about $45. It has a synthetic grip and a 7/8" standard handle. The weight ratio is -11.5 or -12.5.

The Z-2000 Balanced softball bat is made of LS-2X composite material with the iST technology. It has a balanced swing weight, a synthetic grip, 7/8" standard handle and 12" barrel. Price is about $310.

The Warrior slow pitch model costs about $110. It is made with 7050 alloy and is approved for most leagues. It has a synthetic grip, 31/32" standard handle and a 12" barrel.

The Voltage model has a strong composite design that produces a balanced swing weight. It has a 7/8" handle with a synthetic grip.

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