Mizuno Batting Gloves
provide a good Grip

Quality Mizuno batting gloves come in several popular styles. Price range is about $16-50.

The Global Elite model costs about $45. The palm and back are made with full grain leather. The palm has two layers of leather, which improves durability. The ergonomic cut replicates the normal function of the hand. It has a pre curved finger design for a better grip.

The Breath Thermo Blaze is a cold weather glove. Fleece fabric keeps your hand warm in cold weather. The leather palm provides a comfortable feel and the adjustable wristband allows for a good fit. Price is about $30.

The Techfire Switch has a leather palm and mesh material in strategic locations, which offers air circulation. A secure and comfortable fit is provided with an adjustable strap. Price is about $35.

The Franchise model costs about $20. It has a padded palm for increased durability and enhanced grip. The flex mesh gussets provide better joint movement.

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