Mizuno Softball Bats

Mizuno is a leading marketer of softball equipment, including Mizuno softball bats. Several slow pitch and fastpitch softball models are available.

The Whiteout fastpitch bat costs about $300. It is constructed with a new technology that creates a large sweet spot. The lightweight end cap design helps to increase swing speed. The balanced barrel provides a lower swing weight and better bat control. The Anti-Shock construction allows for an improved feel and less vibration.

The Frenzy Super Lite fastpitch bat is made with several new construction methods. The Techfire Technology produces an increased sweet spot. The Anti-Shock construction provides less vibration. The bat has -12 length to weight ratio. Price is about $200.

The Avalanche fastpitch bat costs about $95. It is made from quality materials, including the Black Onyx Carbon.

The Frenzy Elite slow pitch bats cost about $160-350, depending on the model. They are made with Black Array Carbon and feature a one piece design. The 12.5 inch end loaded barrel increases the sweet spot.

The Blackout slow pitch model costs about $180. It is made from Black Array Carbon. The cylinder seaming technique eliminates inconsistencies. The coiled end cap provides a lower swing weight and the Digi Grip wrap provides an improved feel.

The Jennie Finch tee ball bat costs about $40. It is made from aluminum alloy and has a -10.5 length to weight ratio. It has a cushioned grip and a 2 1/4" barrel diameter.

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